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Please complete the pre-qualification below to see if you fit the basic criteria to become an Egg Donor.

* Age between 19 and 33
* Your BMI (Body Mass Index) must be between 18 and 29. BMI is a calculation of height to weight ratio. Enter your height/weight below to calculate your BMI.
* A regular menstrual cycle
(This does not apply to you if you are on a contraceptive such as Mirena and Injection or a contraceptive that changes the regularity thereof)

Our pledge: Your login information and email address is kept confidential, not disclosed to third parties and stored on our secured server.
Egg Donation is an anonymous process by South African law, for both Egg Donors and their Recipients.

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This information is for medical staff only.

Time Through which agency? At which clinic? When? (month and year) Number of eggs? Result (pregnancy achieved?)